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This body of work is my return to exploring family histories, assembled memories and the passage of time. I first became curious about my family’s past, when my uncle entrusted me with a box filled with documents, and photos for safekeeping. These were my grandfather’s belongings. They are the only possessions I have of his, and the catalyst for this project.

Porque el conejo me arañó was conceptualized as a work expressed in three phases. This phase, Eco is a reiteration of what was left behind. It is about discovery—finding my grandfather through these objects. By photographing his original letters, books and documents, I’m searching for clues about who he was and what his life was like. 

This work is ultimately about identity, history, and self-discovery. Even though the themes I am exploring are, in many ways, part of the universal human condition, I hope to understand the complexities of just this one man. His decisions changed the course of his family’s future—and ultimately, my own life. 

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