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By the Hour is an extension of the city I have lived in since I was a child. The original idea started as an exploration of the exterior “scapes” of the typical Miami Motel, but an urge to further understand these places, led me to enter the premises and start photographing the rooms. This led to a transformation into the exploration of the actual spaces and the remnants thereof.

I particularly became interested in the Pay by the Hour Motels that line up many major Avenues of South Florida. Inside, I discovered a world that though familiar was unbeknownst to me. The spaces are not beautiful, and many in decay. I pay the hourly rate, and spend the time in the room photographing as if I were an anthropologist searching for clues. The images speak more than just about their physical structure. Each room has character, and tells a story. These rooms are ultimately a reflection of human condition. Not only am I trying to capture the character of an interior space, but also documenting an important historical remnant of Miami’s past.

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